Harbin Ice City
Harbin Ice City is in the northeastern part of China. Harbin Ice City is a place where every year you can see international festival of ice and snow sculptures. The festival lasts for one month. Temperatures in this town are approximately minus 17 degrees, so the sculpture stay longer than a month. The sculptures are made of pressed snow or ice blocks. Frozen water is also used for frozen blocks of transparent ice. During the night, many of the sculptures are illuminated and it adds extra beauty of a sculpture. The festival began in 1963 but was still maintained during the Cultural Revolution in China. He began to regularly hold since 1985.

Harbin Ice City is a unique festival every year

Harbin Ice City 2Harbin Ice City in China is built each year at beginning of January. It will host hundred thousands of visitors to this festival of snow and ice. This year artists made from big blocks of ice and tons of snow made impressive replicas of the most famous buildings and attractions from all over the world. The visual experience of Harbin Ice City is magic and breathtaking. The best time to see all these beautiful creations is at night when buildings are illuminated with traditional Chinese lanterns and powerful lasers. There are numerous ice replicas of world famous palaces, places of worship, fountains and sculptures. Through them are refracted laser beams of different colors, so it seems that you are in another, magical, world. Many workers almost two weeks made a fantastic ice city with high buildings such as skyscrapers and a variety of giant human figures, animals and creatures from fairy tales. This is a paradise for children. They are most attracted to ice slides, mazes, bobsled track, skating rink and Christmas Corner. On numerous skating rinks can be rented skates or in one of the ice restaurants ordered a traditional Chinese or Russian dish.
Harbin Ice City 1


Huashan Trail 1
Huashan Chess PavilionIf you like real adventure we have one place for you. It`s Huashan Trail on Mount Huashan, located in province Shaanxi in China. Mount Huashan is one of the Five Great Mountains in China. It has significant long religious history. This sacred Taoist mountain is inside Huashan National Park. It has breathtaking cliffs which are a challenge for the most adventurous people. Taoist monasteries historically had an influence on China culture. Here you will find one of the five Taoist monasteries in China. It will be yours incredible adventure to visit Huashan National Park, especially Huanshan Trail and the Chess Pavilion on the end of Huanshan Trail.

Huashan Trail is considered the most dangerous trail

Huashan Trail is the same mountain trail that will lead you to the beautiful temple on the cliff top. The problem lies in the fact that Huashan Trail is declared the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. We hope that you are not afraid of heights, as it would help these photographs could easily make the fear of God. Some of the most adventurous pictures you in your life you can make in China, on Mount Huashan. Huashan Trail 2At the beginning of the gigantic mountains are steep stone steps popularly called “paradise steps” that lead so high in the mountains. When you look down, you see the end of them. Huashan Trail is one of the most dangerous trails in the world – here and goats graze under the handbrake! It will be one of the most amazing experiences in your life. Sunrise or sunset are magnificent and you need to be there because it can`t be described with right words.

Here are some tips for your trip on Huashan Trail: wear comfortable shoes, bring water. It`s the best to go early so you will have time to explore all the peaks. The best way to start is with North Peak than go to East, South and finish with West where you can take the cable car down. Take snacks with you because you don`t have food stores around

You will be able to see Huashan Trail for yourself in the short video clip.

China-Unique Exclusive Destination

China The Great Wall
China is one of the largest countries in the world.

In addition, like no other country, China has the longest written history in the world.

China history started about 5000 years ago from people on Yellow River.

They were first who start to farm and raise livestock.

Through a rich history with a lot of Dynasties, they transform to one of the largest and also greatest economies in the world.

Beijing is Capital of China and also the second largest town in China after Shanghai.

But more about statistic and information`s you can check on Wikipedia.

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Let`s see little from this amazing country on this video.

The most interesting about China for us is that you have endless opportunities to see and also explore.

Some people say about China it stretches from Earth to Heaven.

Every step square inch of China is filled with history and mystic.

There you will find a mix of three religions: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

The Giant Buddha 233-foot tall statue from the stone was carved out of a cliff.

It`s the tallest monument of Buddha in the world.

Through all of the country, you will find monasteries and also temples that are unique attractions to see.

You will enjoy some of the great places for you.

Vast expanse gave possibilities to have wonders like The Great Wall.

In addition, The Great Wall is the only one visible object on Earth from Moon.

Hard work from china people made others amazing things that are worth to see.

Through all centuries, this country perfected art, music, literature, philosophy, politics and also medicine.

It`s country that has amazing celebrations.

One of them is Chinese New Year known as Spring Festival.

China-country to enjoy in different ways

This is a country that gives possibilities to explore her from air, roadways, waterways, railways and on foot.

All adventures that you can imagine you can do in this country.

You can make even one long Cruise trip on amazing Yangtze River.

Nature made some of the most marvelous and also incredible places on earth.

In one sentence, you can`t see all of the places that I suggest you visit with one holiday.

Here are ways to explore this unique country.

You will need a lot of time to visit: Great Wall of China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Terracotta Army, Tiananmen Square, Chinese New YearThe Great Mosque, Huashan TrailSmall Goose Pagoda, Shicheng-Lost City, Han Yang Ling, Yangtze River Cruise, Detian WaterfallsDazu, Tibet, Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Theatre, Guilin, Zhanqye Danxia National Geological ParkYu Garden, Beihai Park, Huangshan, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Glass-Walkway-Tianmen-MountainLi River, West Lake-Hong Kong, Drum Tower Xian, Leshan Giant Buddha, K2, Shaolin Monastery, Chengdu Panda Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, Potala Palace, Red Beach Panjin, Silk Road, Stone Forest, Tianzi Mountains, Red Flute-Fluorescent Cave and more other places but you can save time if you organize with tourist office Russian Gateway Tours and China National tourist Office.

And just if you like to see places that are most popular for some people.