SPAIN-A country with amazing diversity

Spain is amazing country that will surprise you with numerous attractions. Spain is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is country that has a rich history. Different conquerors were passing through Spain with different cultures and religions. That’s why Spain has monuments and places that can give pictures from others countries. Spain it was powerful world empire in 16th and 17th centuries. Madrid is capital and largest city of Spain. More statistic information about Spain you can see on Wikipedia and Wikitravel sites.

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When you decide to go on holiday in Spain it will be little difficult. You will need to choose among endless attraction and places to see. The best way is to make one holiday just to see the beauty of Spain coast and beaches. There you will find breathtaking places for swimming and all water activities, you can choose between Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea beaches. Or the best choise is to go directly on Canary Islands and forget about everything. Not less beautiful and more fun have Ibiza and Mallorca islands in Mediterranean Sea. All these and more others are wating for you to have unforgettable holiday.

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Spain is country that becomes an addiction

Starting from Madrid like largest city you can continue in others one by one for each holiday. All cities in Spain have attractions that will show you diversity of this country, From Sagrada Familia to Alhambra, from Gothic Quarter in Barcelona to modern buildings in Madrid and more others is there waiting for you. If you like to know more about culture and history of Spain visit Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Casa Mila, Reina Sofia Museum etc. Take relaxing time and enjoy in wonderful parks. Take your partner and have romantic tour with boat on lakes.

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Spain is perfect place if you like adventures and nature. Pyrenees Mountains, Picos de Europa are offering hiking and exploring natural places. National parks are ideal place to spend one unforgettable holiday. On other side in cities don`t forget to visit Corrida – a traditional spectacle of Spain. If you are in Pamplona there is Running of the Bulls attraction. Place where you need to be OFF the streets after secong sign of the horn. After that sign it will be free bulls running on the streets. You can have fun if you are in Bunol. The last Wednesday in August is La tomatina Festival – street fight with tomatoes.

See what attractions are waiting for you in Spain.

These are places and attractions of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Bilbao, Sagrada Familia, Costa del Sol, Marbela, Alhambra, Prado Museum, Gothic Quarter-Barcelona, Park Guell, Buen Retiro Park, Casa Mila, Reina Sofia Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Royal Palace of Madrid, Music Palace Catalana, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Alcazar of Seville, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Los Organos, Plaza de Espana, Tenerife, Mallorca, Pyrenees Mountains, Picos de Europa National Park, PamplonaRunning of the Bulls and for the rest when you have time visit TravelAdvisor site.

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Here you will see Five best ski resorts!

Most of you already chose places to ski this winter.

In case you catch a cheap last minute deal, we recommend these Five best ski resorts.

Five best ski resorts just for you

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts KitzbuhelFirst, on the list of Five best ski resorts is Kitzbuhel.

Each year over 80,000 visitors hastened to this resort to witness one of the most difficult downhill course in the World Cup skiing.

When is the race over most visitors try to try at least a short section of the trail.

The venue is coming gondolas, cable car, each of which bears the name of skiers who won the race on this course.

If you are confident enough in their skiing and you can try out what it’s like to come down by Streif, the name of the downhill run, which is full of jumps and turns.

After you spend Streif go to an English pub for a pint Londoner Gosser.

On this resort, there is a tradition that dates back to the 80s of the last century that men who took part in the downhill World Cup race after the race were done serving beer guests of the pub.

If you want to stay in Kitzbuhel during the race you will need to book your accommodation at least six months before the race, otherwise, you cannot find a free room.

What Kitzbuhel is not, and never will be, and it’s inexpensive.

Here all costs, from a regular room to drink.

Everything has its price, which is not small in Austria Ski Resorts.

Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts Bad KleinkirchheimThis ski resort except for long distance races also offers a spa

The area is rich in thermal springs, but also many trails for skiing.

The total length of the trail is 103 kilometers; there are 26 ski lifts, 4 km toboggan run and 470 cannons of artificial snow.

The resort is situated on two mountains, the highest peak of the Kaiserburg which lead to two cable cars

Besides skiing and spa, this place is rich and cuisine.

If you want to get out of the hotel and have a good eat and have a fun choice you will not ease as much as 45 different restaurants

The restaurant’s offer is based on the type of calorie diet that will come in handy for gathering energy for later.

That was second on the list of Five best ski resorts.

Les Deux Alpes, France

Five Best Ski Resorts Les Deux AlpesOn this resort among a lot of in France Ski Resorts, you can try out your ski skills at about 220 km long distance, and if you prefer cross country skiing there are over a length of 21 kilometers.

This is third on the list of Five best ski resorts and this ski resort is not notorious as another France Ski Resorts, but its offer them standing side by side.

Besides skiing here you can have fun building igloos, and the cuisine and offer night entertainment are diverse

Here you will see from restaurants to quiet noisy and crowded clubs with various types of music

You made sure that for all tastes offer something.

Prices do not deviate much from the more famous, neighboring ski resorts, but can offer to outdo each.

Nassfeld, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts NassfeldNassfeld – fourth on the list of Five best ski resorts is situated in the heart of the Austria Ski Resorts.

Due to the relatively low altitude all paths are covered with snow cannons.

On this resort, you will find 110 kilometers of slopes of which are 2.2 kilometers night.

This ski resort has been declared one of the best ski resorts in Austria with modern ski lifts and a wide variety of accommodation.

There are even two fun parks for snowboarders, regulated rink, curling arena.

The gastronomic offer is typically Austrian

Apres ski fun you can continue in two disco clubs located in the hotel Cube and Cuisine.

Val d’Isere / Tignes, France

Five Best Ski Resorts Val d'IsereThe fifth on the list of Five best ski resorts is Val D`lsere, one of the most beautiful from France Ski Resorts.

This ski resort has slopes, not to everyone’s taste.

There are brilliantly groomed trails for beginners and also the phenomenal trail for snowboarders.

In addition, there are the beautiful “wild” trail through deep snow.

Even 300 miles of trails offers you non-stop entertainment while some of them take you 90 lifts.

Val d’Isère is one of the most beautiful mountain town located in the river valley in the Alps.

The city is full of hotels and apartment accommodation, and the town center is full of beautiful historic buildings.

With a rich offer, the accommodation also has the rich gastronomic offer.

Here are their place found some of the best restaurants in the world, and nightlife lasts until the late morning hours.

If you are not a skier at this resort there are as many as 19 different ski schools.


Netherlands Tulip Fields 1The Netherlands is a country of tulips, clogs, beer, cheese, windmills, diamonds, castles, country of tolerance and perfection … This is the most densely populated part of the continent, this is a part of Europe that simply must be seen and experienced. The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe and with Belgium and Luxembourg make the Benelux. The Netherlands does not have a unified capital. The seat of government and the King is located in The Hague, as most embassies, but under the constitution ruler to be sworn in Amsterdam. More about royal history, you can see on All About Royal Families. Netherlands has 42,000 km2 with a population of 17 million. Country Netherlands consists of 12 provinces while originally the only two provinces. About half of the territory of the Netherlands is below one meter above sea level, and about a quarter is below sea level. These areas are flood dam channel system with a total length of more than 3,000 km. The city is known for its famous museums Van Gogh Museum, The Museum of Tulips, Rembrandt House Museum, and others … The best impression of this beautiful and authentic city can experience the ship, cruising through the Amsterdam canals.

Netherlands will be your unforgettable holiday

A holiday in Netherlands will be like a trip where you will discover a lot of secrets and beauties of this country. Netherlands has given us Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Piet Mondrian, Hieronymus Bosch and Frans Hals. It is a country with classic windmills, handmade clogs, and beautiful tulips in every possible colour. The best ways to feel a culture and people are to join them in towns, sit in one of the numerous cafes on sunny days. Another way to explore the beauties of Netherlands is to take bike routes and enjoy in natural beauty of a countryside.

These are some of places that you need to see and visit on your next holiday in Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rijksmuseum, Giethoorn, Netherlands Ski Resorts, Anne Frank House, Keukenhof Gardens, Madurodam, Rembrandt House Museum, Heineken Experience, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Hermitage Amsterdam, Cube House, Paradiso, Vondelpark, Rotterdam Centraal Station, Erasmus Bridge and of course Tulip Fields like desert.


Sala Silver Mine
In most of the better hotels best rooms are located on the top floor so the guests can enjoy the view, and at Sala Silver Mine guests go in Sweden – 155 meters underground…

Sala Silver Mine 1In the Vastmanland County in Sweden is one of the strangest hotels in the world – Hotel Sala Silver Mine. The hotel’s rooms are located below the earth’s surface and some of them can be reached only by elevator located in the former silver mining. The rooms in Sala Silver Mine that are 155 meters deep in the ground lift can be reached in a few seconds. Sala Silver Mine 2But this pleasure should be set aside and a lot of money. The night in this hotel is about 400 €, and for that price, guests enjoy luxurious beds, silverware and champagne. Rooms are decorated with a minimalist, there a total of 14 and in them there is no mobile phone signals, the outside world can only communicate via intercom.

Sala Silver Mine hotel for an unusual experience

Sala Silver Mine 3The temperature in the window falls down to two degrees Celsius, but the rooms are located in a little warmer air pocket where the temperature is around 18 degrees more pleasant. Sala Silver Mine hotel is very popular so during the year mainly filled weekends.

Nowhere in the world you can not find a similar hotel, especially this far into the country. People might think its cold in the mine, but Sala Silver Mine hotel is located in warmer corridors where the temperature is about 18 degrees. You will have large chandeliers and lamps illuminate the room and the walls because they have a silvery reflection. Sala Silver Mine hotel is one of the most unusual in the world and the environment unlike other not artificial but real. It is a hotel that you need to visit once in your life.


Pamukkale 1
Pamukkale-2Pamukkale is a remarkable place in Turkey and breathtaking, at first sight. How to describe this gorgeous wonder of nature, water paradise unlike that magical place that takes your breath on it and you’ll have a long talk. They are thermal baths with plenty of natural water springs. Water, which has for centuries been running over the edge of the plateau, on its way deposited salt from which they are formed stalactites, craters and basins. Pamukkale, that is taken from Turkish “mansion of silk”, and are consists of a series of white, shallow terraced swimming pools that are one above the other in the form of stalactites descend from a height, filled with mineral water sky blue color. Pamukkale visited by tourists from all over the world because it is a real tourist miracle, the pearl of Turkey. Pamukkale in Turkey are due to frequent earthquakes in the area formed a wonder of nature and located in the southwest of the country, near the town Denizli, in the valley of the River Menderes. They consist of 17 sources of water come to the surface of heat between 35 and 100 degrees Celsius. Terraces, which look like small pools are lowering one below the other in the length of 7 meters. The pools, where people swim for thousands of years, are forbidden to enter with shoes, in order to minimize surface dirty or possibly damaged. Today, for the needs of the rapidly growing tourism specially designed artificial pools with thermal water. On top of this white castle was the ancient city of Hierapolis period, it still find numerous remains of Roman buildings, monuments, and remnants of spas. Pamukkale in Turkey in 1988 came under the protection of UNESCO-a.

Pamukkale is remarkable and breathtaking place

It has been scientifically proven that Pamukkale water has medicinal properties that can help with Pamukkale 3various diseases. However, local people tell a legend, which, they believe that it can also make beautiful. Once upon a time here had lived a young girl who was so ugly that no one wanted to marry her. Therefore, the girl decided to end his life, making itself the tip. Then she embraced travertine and fell directly created by the natural swimming pool, but remained alive. Water turned the girl into a real beauty, and catching his own Denizli prince who madly in love with him. Already very soon they will also happily married. Therefore, a visit to Pamukkale in Turkey, it would certainly sin not try it for themselves, to see if the legend is true.



Thessaloniki Old CityThessaloniki is one of the famous tourist destinations in Greece. Thessaloniki is second largest city and capital of Greek Macedonia in Greece. In May, like everywhere in Greece, is the most beautiful in Thessaloniki.  On all sides Lemon trees. Yes, just like in the song “… Where the Lemon yellow …” Flowers and trees and other different kinds of Mediterranean trees are everywhere. Thessaloniki is rapidly changing, getting bigger? I do not rely on the figures on what it’s really inhabitants. This should deal with people who work a statistic. Of course, Thessaloniki is increasing. Fortunately, there are no skyscrapers and tall buildings, all somehow in width. When you look at the panorama, you will see that it is a powerful city. At each step of the history here. The builders of the future metro, whenever they started to dig deeper, there would be the remains of the Roman walls. The most famous is the  Roman Forum. This is the main city of northern Greece and the entire region. Thessaloniki is cultural, educational, industrial, financial and administrative center of this part of the country. All, of course, know for the longest with a local street Egnatia, which for centuries has linked the east and west. There is always a prestigious street Tsimiski, even the streets around it because the goods in the shops of excellent quality, but the prices are high. There are actually two major areas of the city: Ano Poli – higher part of the city on a steep area, Thessaloniki 2and Kato Poli – lower part of the city, which extends to the east all the way to the airport. People who have the time, and above all someone who knows Thessaloniki, should go down to the part of the city Epano Poli, in its narrow streets, with small houses and beautiful gardens, decorated in oriental style leading to the fortress of Castro. There also have the remains of the Roman walls. If we’re honest, the best way to experience this city is not on the streets, not in the shops or museums, but in one of the many small restaurants-tavernas, cafes and restaurants along the coast, colored sun of the Mediterranean and the smell of the sea and fish coming from the nearby port.

Thessaloniki place that everyone finds fun

Thessaloniki Roman ForumTrade, business, shopping, and enjoy. Greeks-both old and young like pubs and cafes, especially those in the national style. In all the cafes along the coast of market Aristotelos to the White Tower, often waiting for a seat! I still have this famous popular ouzo in a small restaurants where sipping Greek coffee, eat feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, then refreshing salad “tzatziki”, sipping brandy Tzipora (with drink with ice) and play backgammon or cards. You’ll also see how, after the parties backgammon or card games Greeks fighting but do not worry – it’s a classic their temperament, and the camaraderie brawl. There are “taverns” in the old part of the city, but also in the modern parts of the historic center in Nea Krini, Forks, Ladadika in Milos, and to Eleftheria Square. Thessaloniki is spacious. It`s broad and powerful. Thessaloniki is packed with history and hospitable people. He is everyone and no one, but still his. Its inhabitants are proud of our rich past. The roads to the south and Asia Minor from time immemorial water from Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki has 25 museums, churches, Rotunda, and well-known Serbian cemetery Zejtinlik. If you are at Egnatia and go to its end, just keep Monesteri Street and you will come to the big shopping centers, “Cosmos”, “jumbo”, “Ikea” … In the “Cosmos” as well as “Ikea” Fast food is plentiful. As far as food is concerned, in Thessaloniki you can choose: Greek national dishes or pans that sell chicken and fries, or a little tavern where the offer gyros, souvlaki-Greek famous food, eggplant on the grill … Those with deeper wallet can enjoy in one of the luxurious restaurants where, with seafood, barbecue or national specialties, and serves the good wine, centuries overwhelming element of Greek civilization. At the foot of the White Tower, almost the whole day, various events. Thessaloniki-SunsetThere are street performers, clowns, colorful balloons, and most tourists and locals who enjoy a walk along the coast. They’ll call you in two ship-restaurant that ply the Thessaloniki Bay. Admission is free, but be sure to drink on board. Worth a cruise, especially at sunset. Only there, at sea, Thessaloniki gets its luster, beauty, strength. As the sun slowly hit at rest, while the ship’s siren should sound and seagulls on the coast and in coffee shops teeming with people. Begins another beautiful night in Thessaloniki, the city that never sleeps, who likes to be there as guests, to rejoice and to be returning as often as possible.


Travel Application Smartphone
Travel Application Taking PictureEveryone loves to explore and travel. Always when we are preparing for traveling we make a list of a lot of things that we need on our trip. Yes, we need that and you can see what you need to take on Travel Practical Tips. From all things that we are taking with us there is one small magical tool that is essential in these days. It always with us, from home to the airport, from hotel to the restaurant, from beach to mountain, from hiking to swimming, Travel Application Smartphone Underwaterin the air or under the water and every place where you go it`s following us. Today we can say for sure that your mobile – smartphones are one of the most valuable tools for everything. Take a time to see what Travel Application – “mobile app “you can put on your smartphone. You can do that once and it will stay always on there to help you in any situation.

Travel Application useful for everyoneTravel Application Child

  1. Travel Application today is one normal helper to you on your smart phone. Travel Application can help you for organizing and planning your trip, tickets and booking hotels and helping to choose a destination. So you can install travel application for:

Tripit –

Booking –

TripAdvisor –

Expedia –

Kayak –

Skyscanner –

  1. Travel Application that is essential will help you easier to communicate with people in the country where you travel. Here is some of them:

Google translate –

iTranslator –

Naviti free Translation –

  1. You will need to install and Travel Application that you can see a map of places on your traveling:

Citymaps2go –

Gogobot –

  1. Travel Application for the shortest or the easiest route and time to your destination:

Navfree app –

Waze – https: //

Google Maps –

  1. It is very useful Travel Application about weather at places you plan to visit:

AccuWeather –

WeatherPro –

  1. One more Travel Application about advices for your luggage is:

TravelList –

  1. You will need Travel Application for converting currency:

XE Currency –

Oanda –

  1. One of the best applications to find your favorite stores or good restaurant is:

Yelp – Yelp

  1. Sometimes is good to look news on your smartphone so install :

NEWS 360 –

  1. Today in this world of communications every place has free access to the internet in a lot of public places. Travel Application that will help about that is:

WiFi Manger –

Hope that now with this useful links you are ready to travel where do you like at any time. Don`t forget to check again Travel Practical Tips before you travel.


Carnival of Venice
Carnival of Venice 1Carnival of Venice along with Rio Carnival is undoubtedly one of the most famous parties in the world. One of the best romantic places for your honeymoon is Venice in Italy. Holiday in Venice, gondola ride, Italian romantic songs and amazing sunset on Grand Canal is a dream of every young couple. There is one more magic that is happening every year and you need to take time and visit once Venice during Carnival of Venice. Carnival of Venice 4This festival of masks is taking place from 31 th January and is finishing on 17th February. During Carnival of Venice, this romantic city is transferring in a one big party for everyone. There are a lot of stories how this festival started and one of them said that this festival is in honor of victory of the Serenissima Repubblica against Patriarch of Aquileia in the year 1162. Through centuries, it was a period when masks were strictly forbidden from King of Austria, but definitely in 1979 Carnival of Venice have been brought back the culture and history of Venice by Italian government.

Carnival of Venice – romantic mask`s festival

Carnival of Venice 2Carnival of Venice is a well-known festival in the world. People from all over the world come to participate and enjoy in colorful costumes and masks. Venetian masks can be made of porcelain, leather or using special glass technique. The original masks usually are simple in decoration, design, and often had a practical and symbolic function. A lot of them are made with the application of gold leaf and gesso. Masks are decorated with gems and they are hand-painted using natural feathers. Some of the masks worn at Carnival of Venice have their names. Bauta is a mask that is heavily gilded. It`s preserving anonymity of people who wear this mask. Columbina is a highly decorated half mask covering wearer`s upper cheeks, eyes and nose. Medico della peste is one of the most recognizable and bizarre masks of Venetian masks. Moretta is a small oval mask with strapless black velvet, worn by patrician woman, with no mouth or lips and with wide eyeholes. Volto is iconic modern mask that covers the entire face.Carnival of Venice 3 Pantalone mask is represented as a sad old man with a nose like the beak of the crow with slanted eyes and high brows. Ariecchino is often servant of Pantalone and theatrical counterpoint to him. These two masks usually appeared together on the stage. Zanni is another funny classic mask of the stage with a long nose. When you will be on the streets of Venice you will see all of these famous masks. Singers and street artists in the squares entertain with music and songs the visitors at Carnival of Venice. The best way to see the beauty and party is to pack your thing and go on unforgettable Carnival of Venice to feel all of this adventure worth to be experienced.


Netherlands Ski Resorts
Netherlands Ski Resorts Snowworld LandgraafNetherlands Ski Resorts is one different view of winter holiday. It`s different because you don`t need to wait for a snow. Actually you can ski through all year. It`s one of the attractions that you can visit on your holiday in Netherlands. You can enjoy in natural winter beauties of Netherlands and in the same time to have your funny winter holiday with skiing or snowboarding in indoor ski slope. We can start with SnowWorld Landgraaf – the world`s largest indoor ski slope. It has a 6-person chair lift, 4 magic carpets, and 8 lifts. You can ski on 5 slopes and this is longest slopes in Netherlands and largest ski slope in the world.Netherlands Ski Resorts De Uithof One more Indoor ski center from Netherlands Ski Resorts is Montana Snowcenter. This ski hall is in the southern Netherlands in the small town of Valkenswaard. It`s a perfect place to come with your family and have your family fun on a snow. The next of the list on Netherlands Ski Resorts is De Uithof. Here you can ski, snowboard, skate, have funny ice kart, and much more winter and other attractions like in other Netherlands Ski Resorts..

Netherlands Ski Resorts – ideal places to relax

One of the most visited Netherlands Ski Resort is Skidome Rucphen. It`s perfect indoor ski area for beginners and like to learn skiing. Also is good for people who like to refresh movements and like to try something new. One surprise for at Netherlands Ski resorts is Snowplanet Spaarnwoude. This place will offer to you real snow and two indoor runs. 100 meters slope is for beginners and 230 meters slope is for snowboarders and advanced skiers. The second largest of Netherlands Ski resorts is SnowWorld Zoetermeer. This indoor ski area is not far from The Hague. You can spend all day on ice skates or skis and all other funny things that go with them. It`s a place where you can have a pleasure to enjoy the best winter facilities. The last one from Netherlands Ski Resorts is Skidome Terneuzen. It has two runs and cracking fresh snow. If you like to prepare for the winter Skidome Terneuzen is a perfect location for you. Netherlands Ski Resorts are giving to you a various funny and interesting attractions like wellness, ultra modern fitness, beauty centers and etc.


Icehotel 1
In the village of Jukkasjarvi, 17 km from Kiruna in northern Sweden you will find a unique place in the world. it`s Icehotel a place build just from a snow and ice. But there is one thing that you need to know. This attraction is visible and you can visit just from December to April every year. It`s started in 1989 when Japanese artists made and exhibition of ice art in this place. Jannot Derid, a French artist held an exhibition in the same area in a cylinder-shaped igloo. It`s happened that in the town were no rooms available and some visitors wanted to spend one night in the igloo. They were first guests who slept in sleeping bags in igloo on the top of reindeer skins.

Icehotel is a unique every year

Icehotel is made out of ice blocks and snow. Builders take ice blocks from the Torne River. If you look more you will see that glasses in the bar are made from the same ice. Every year in March Icehotel takes tons of frozen water and stores in the production hall. From a snow people build a strong structure of building. When is completed Icehotel features church, a bar, reception area, main hall and suites and rooms for over 100 guests. Inside hotel you have also an ice restaurant. All chairs and beds are sculptured from ice. Thick walls, decorations and fittings are carved from ice. Every place, where you need to sit and beds for sleeping are covered with reindeer furs. People who like to sleep in Icehotel are given special equipment while sleeping in a hotel. All visitors are sleeping in polar tested sleeping bags. That`s because the bedrooms temperatures are around -5C. Anyway if you like warm room you can make a reservation for those rooms. If you go through Icehotel you will notice that each bedroom is unique. Indeed, all hotel and everything inside is unique every year. For all these things, Icehotel is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden. Maybe Icehotel look cold place for you but if you visit him you will see that even ice and snow can have elegance and everything what you need for one romantic holiday for you and your partner.