Jeju Island 1
Jeju Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, more precisely in the Korean Strait and the largest island in South Korea. However, the greatest feature of this island is that it is actually a volcanic island. All the attention is fixed on the volcano Hallasan and even 360 satellite volcanoes and small tubes that are incurred in a discharge of lava. About an exceptional value for our planet, it is sufficient to say that the world is presented as a “site of extraordinary beauty, which is testimony to the history of the planet and its processes.”

Jeju Island is witnessed the history of the planet

Jeju Island – fourth on the list of New 7 Wonders, is indeed an important example of the historical development of the Earth because of its long history that dates back to the Cretaceous period. Then the volcano began to erupt, and the last eruption was recorded 800 years ago. Now on to the top of the volcano Crater Lake is amazing Baengnokdam to attract attention to their beauty and their interesting placement on the volcano. The whole Jeju Island is covered with volcanic rocks and soil, and to make matters even more interesting, all over the island are caves created by lava its runoff. Such volcanic pipes are called Geomunoreum Lave Tube System, and they are stalactites and walls of their variety in color can thank layers of carbon. In addition to numerous fossils, and the island is rich site of archaeological remains of human life from Paleolithic times.

This beautiful island with lots of greenery, beautiful scenery and exceptional Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls is the most common destination for young couples. They believe that the good spirit of the Jeju Island, grandfather, keeps the Jeju Island and the islanders of adversity and so newlywed couples on their wedding entrance of the harbor. Jeju Island is located on this valuable list due to its historical importance, volcanic beaches, irresistible scenery, interesting legends, strange caves, and small doses of adrenaline as you are still on the slopes of the volcano, 1,900 meters high. All these items are reason enough to Jeju Island become another wonder of nature in this world.