Giethoorn is a small picturesque village in the Dutch province Overijssel of Netherlands. History of Giethoorn is going back to the year 1200 when first people settled in the area. It was Franciscan monks who came and started to use peat and dug canals so they can make transportation. Actually we can say that people in Giethoorn are living on their private islands. This is just authentic and beautiful village. You may never see some village similar like Giethoorn. It`s a place with narrow canals and lowers and grass everywhere. Some information`s about this lovely place you can see on Wikipedia.

Let`s see why people love this place.

Giethoorn place that you need to see and feel

In 1958 Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra made one comedy “Fanfare” in Giethoorn. From that time this place became locally famous. Giethoorn is also known like “Venice of the Netherlands” or” Venice of the North” in Netherlands. If you go to visit Giethoorn forget about your driving car in that village. There are no roads in this place. All transportation people are doing by water on boats. This is a village has water canals, more than 180 bridges and sidewalk roads where you can drive bicycles.

This is unique trip to Giethoorn on video just for you.

Giethoorn is located on the edge of national parks and very beautiful natural area. All area of Giethoorn is inside Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Here you will drive with a boat through canals with a natural environment around you. It`s like Venice but maybe more beautiful. Giethoorn is a perfect place for relaxing a holiday for you with your partner or with your family. It`s peaceful, beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere where you can spend an unforgettable holiday in Netherlands. In this small an adventure, you will be mesmerized from small wooden bridges over bohemian canals, familiar atmosphere, and colorful houses old 200 years.

See this video and maybe your next trip is to Giethoorn.

Here in Giethoorn you can feel Dutch culture, cuisine, hospitality and warm welcome. Take electric boat and you can be a captain of your ship. You will drive and pass bars and restaurants, museums, meadows and cows, lovely farm houses and one lake. Giethoorn is a unique place especially if you like to run away from city life. Even in winter you will have an enjoyable holiday in Netherlands. Put your skates and just enjoy in endless frozen canals that are prepared for you. For some interesting places and what to do in Giethoorn just visit TripAdvisor site.

This is Giethoorn in winter just to see that winter is also unforgettable.

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