New 7 Wonders

New 7 Wonders
In any corner of the globe, there is a part of nature that simply fascinates. It is difficult to choose the best one, but despite this there is a list of seven names which everyone admires. This is the list that represents the miraculous nature – Seven Wonders of Nature.

It`s everything started like millennium project in 2000 year. It was 200 selected existing monuments and it was selected New 7 Wonders of the world. It`s difficult to say which one is more beautiful or natural wonder. People from all over the world voted by the phone or through the internet for New 7 Wonders of the world. Canadian – Swiss Bernard Weber was leading this popularity poll and it was organized by the New 7 Wonders Foundation located in Zurich. It was more than 100 million people who voted for this competition.

New 7 Wonders are the natural beauties

On 11th November 2011 in 11 hours and 11 minutes took a decision on the New 7 Wonders that are admired around the world. New “Miracles” are chosen by public voting, all launched Foundation “New7Wonders” as an act of preserving heritage and stop the destruction of nature. It’s hard to choose between so many proposals of only those seven who will show all the splendor and beauty of our Earth, but it was not to be so hard to be ahead of all seven of extraordinary natural wonders – the Amazon rainforest, Ha Long Bay, Iguazu Waterfalls, Jeju Island, Komodo National Park, Puerto Princesa Underground River and the icing on the cake, Table Mountain. Each of them will be presented in more detail in seven separate articles, each – a new natural sleep.

Travel All Together will describe all New 7 Wonders separately for you.  Here is just one picture from each one for you who don`t have a patience to wait for that.

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