Berlin is capital and largest city of leading European country Germany. After World War II Berlin was divided on East Berlin and West Berlin and has different developing histories. The real beauty and strength Berlin showed after reunification in 1990. Berlin is a world city of politics, culture, science and media and is hosting 158 foreign embassies. Economy of this city is primarily based on service sector and high-tech industries, encompassing a diverse range of research facilities, convention venues, creative industries and media corporations. This city also serves as a continental hub for rail and air transport and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Arrange traveling in this city with Russian Gateway Tours. Some more statistic information`s about this beautiful city you can see on Wikipedia and Wikitravel sites.

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Berlin is a beautiful city in many parts and you will need to allow enough time if you like to see all attractions. I will recommend finding a good map of the city and also a good transit map. Berlin has superb public system of transportation but it can be confusing for beginners and some visitors due to a lack of directional signs. Berlin is home to amazing architectural structures, renowned universities, museums, orchestras, galleries, research institutes, celebrities and is popular host to a lot of sporting events. It`s historical legacy and urban setting have made Berlin a popular and great location for international film productions. Berlin is well known for its diverse architecture, festivals, contemporary arts, public transportation network, nightlife and a high quality of living.

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Berlin magical beautiful city

It`s pass more than twenty years after reunification and now Berlin is a scene-stealing combo of grit and glamour, teeming with top galleries and museums, guerrilla clubs and grand opera, ethnic snack snacks and gourmet temples. Whether your tastes run to punk or posh, you can satisfy them in Berlin. Famous landmarks from the past like Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, what`s left from the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie are virtually like 3-D textbook. With other words on every corner wherever you turn history is staring you in the face. Places like Pergamon Museum and others are places that you need to see when you are in Berlin. Berlin has one of the best nightlife in Europe. Fantastic nightclubs will wake up your body to dance all nights.

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Berlin is town that will give you full satisfaction if you choose to spend your holiday in this amazing city. This is town that will give you not just landmarks by people but also you will see and natural beautiful places. Amazing Grunewald forest is there for you with wonderful Schlachtensee Lake that is winter natural skating place. Take a bike and ride around Tiergarten. You will see perhaps one of the most wonderful and beautiful park in the world. It`s great park, quite qand big in the center of the city.

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These are places that you need to see and visit when you are in Berlin: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Museum Island, Pergamon Museum, Topography of Terror, German Museum of Technology, Olympiastadion, Berliner Philharmonie, Potsdamer Platz, Fernsehturm, Checkpoint Charlie, Charlottenburg Palace, Alexanderplatz, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin Cathedral, Alte Nationalgalerie, Neue Kirche, Spree River, Kaufhaus des Westens-KaDeWe, Berlin Zoological Garden, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Hackesche Hofe, Palace of the Republic, Jewish Museum, Neue Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum, French Cathedral, DDR Museum, AquaDom, Grunewald, Bauhaus Archive, Berghain, New Synagogue, Nikolaiviertel, Kulturforum, Tiergarten, Potsdam’s Gardens, The Holocaust Memorial and for more to see on your list just visit TripAdvisor site.

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Czech Republic Ski Resorts Spindleruv Mlyn
If you ask me where I will go for ski this season? Yes, I will say Switzerland Ski Resorts or Austria Ski Resorts. That is first reaction for everyone who likes parties, adventures, attractive skiing, jumping etc. But on the second thought I decide that it`s time to go in Czech Republic Ski Resorts. It`s not mountains like Alps but its old type of mountains. Nice valleys where you can go and ski slowly with pleasure. Generally Czech Republic Ski Resorts are much cheaper to spend a winter holiday than other ski resorts and you can have almost same attractions. At this moment, there are 220 ski resorts in Czech Republic available for enjoying winter holidays.

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Czech Republic Ski Resorts is a place that you will completely relax and enjoy

Klinovec located on Krushne Mountains is the biggest form other Czech Republic Ski Resorts. It`s located just 120 km northwest from Prague. Klinovec lies close to the one of Germany Ski Resorts Oberwiesenthal and German border. This ski resort had a lot of innovations and significant modernization for this year. The snow park offers a lot of futures and a lot of jumps. Here you can find more than 30 km trails if you like cross country skiing.

Let`s see a little cross country ski under Red Bull Nordix organization.

Spindleruv Mlyn, Plesivec-Abertamy and Svaty Petr are places that you will find a lot of snow fun.Especially one of the best places for winter attraction and the best ski trails and snowboarding is Spindleruv Mlyn. On the west part of Giant Mountains lays Harrachov. This place is well known between Czech Republic Ski Resorts for sports and recreations by his climatic conditions. Skiing for beginners and children like all other places. Harrachov is the only one from all Czech Republic Ski Resorts with complete group of 8 ski-jumps.

Here is to see professionals how ski in Czech Republic Ski Resorts and give some attractions to visitors.

I like sometimes to ski like slow motion without jumping. Places in Czech Republic Ski Resorts are ideal for that. When you like you can stop and drink tea or something else and enjoy in the Sun. These are the rest of Czech Republic Ski Resorts where you can go: Lipno, Pec pod Snezkou, Horni Misecky-Medvedin, Zadov,Cherna Hora, TJ Klinovec, Shpichak, Studenov, Bublava-Stribrna, Bozi Dar – Neklid, Figura – Praded, Ski Areal Jeshted, Telnice, Bonera Ramzova and for othere be free to see Bergfex and Czechtourism sites.

I like from time to time to have fun so let`s see little funny ski video.