Zlatibor is the most popular all season destinations in Serbia.  Zlaibor is located in the extreme southwest of Serbia between mountains Tara and Zlatara. Amazing beauty, this area is full of spacious lawns intersecting mountain streams. This place attracts tourists from all over the world. This region is rich with coniferous forests and streams, a large number of sunny days and very favorable climate. Zlatibor is one of the most visited mountains, with a large number of hotels, apartments, ski trails, lakes, caves that offer you a perfect holiday. You can see more statistic information`s about Zlatibor on Wikipedia and Wikitravel sites.

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Zlatibor is natural treasure of Serbia

Tourism offer in Zlatibor enriches a very interesting environment, with rich and varied content. Starting from Sargan Eight and Drvengrad-KustendorfMecavnik, open-air museum “Old Village”-Sirogojno, Stopica caves and waterfalls in Gostilje, canyon of river Drina, Tara and Uvca . For guests who want to explore the environment are organized numerous tours, including: tasting of cured meats and wine, cruising through the canyon of the Drina river, rafting on Lim and Tara visit Milesheva ​​Monastery, Wet Mountain, Sopotnice, special reserve Uvac cave and Sirogojno known by handmade knitwear.

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If you are ready for an active holiday in Zlatibor, one of the attractions that you should be sure to experience the ride is famous Sargan Eight. The train is passing strange 13.5 km long railway line in the shape of the number eight. While driving may be from one of the five viewpoints consider the richness and beauty of nature in this area. Near Wet Mountain, villages Jatare and stripes Sargan Šargan on the mountain, there is a hill Mecavnik, where he sprang Ethno Village Timber Town Emir Kusturica. Mecavnik are 22 buildings of various content: Zlatibor house in traditional style church with a bell tower, library, shops, tea shop, movie theater, gym, sauna, etc.

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