New 7 Wonders
In any corner of the globe, there is a part of nature that simply fascinates. It is difficult to choose the best one, but despite this there is a list of seven names which everyone admires. This is the list that represents the miraculous nature – Seven Wonders of Nature.

It`s everything started like millennium project in 2000 year. It was 200 selected existing monuments and it was selected New 7 Wonders of the world. It`s difficult to say which one is more beautiful or natural wonder. People from all over the world voted by the phone or through the internet for New 7 Wonders of the world. Canadian – Swiss Bernard Weber was leading this popularity poll and it was organized by the New 7 Wonders Foundation located in Zurich. It was more than 100 million people who voted for this competition.

New 7 Wonders are the natural beauties

On 11th November 2011 in 11 hours and 11 minutes took a decision on the New 7 Wonders that are admired around the world. New “Miracles” are chosen by public voting, all launched Foundation “New7Wonders” as an act of preserving heritage and stop the destruction of nature. It’s hard to choose between so many proposals of only those seven who will show all the splendor and beauty of our Earth, but it was not to be so hard to be ahead of all seven of extraordinary natural wonders – the Amazon rainforest, Ha Long Bay, Iguazu Waterfalls, Jeju Island, Komodo National Park, Puerto Princesa Underground River and the icing on the cake, Table Mountain. Each of them will be presented in more detail in seven separate articles, each – a new natural sleep.

Travel All Together will describe all New 7 Wonders separately for you.  Here is just one picture from each one for you who don`t have a patience to wait for that.

AMAZON RAINFOREST – Wonder of Nature

Amazon Rainforest

Amazonian rainforest is the first on the list of New 7 Wonders of the world. This is the largest rainforest on the planet, extends to over six million square meters; in order to more easily presented, we can say that the Amazon rainforest makes up 25% of all forests on Earth. You can only imagine the size of the forest that extends through nine countries of South America. These are countries that share Amazon forest: Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, FranceFrench Guiana, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Amazon rainforest is the first new wonder on the list

The richness of the Amazon rainforest is measured in a number of animal and plant lives. The Amazon rainforest is the habitat of thousands and thousands of species that depend on each other, but also moist habitat of the rainforest located along the Amazon River. Numerous books have been written and recorded a number of documentaries that show the jungle life, but nothing can prepare in less humid and wet periods alternated there. From November to June’s big rain, and thus exceptional photographs that are admired around the world. In addition to high biodiversity, among the trees and vegetation and rainforest there are native people who are still living there. Although it was before European invaders were several million, now that number was reduced to only a few hundred thousand, but they still live a nomadic life, engaged in hunting and fighting for survival. A big problem is the people who come from the “outside world” because they bring with them problems and diseases to which the natives are not accustomed to.

One of the big problems of Amazon rainforest is also due to deforestation which is dying every day, many species, besides comes to soil erosion and massive flooding, and climate change. But is not everything so bad. This selection acknowledges the beauty of this natural phenomenon which, on the one hand, allows life to the world. This is to prevent further destruction of the rainforest, which brings a lot of beautiful and irresistible, and what nature intended in this area definitely deserves its position in the list of the world’s natural wonders. The variety of colors and shapes on such a large area of interest will nature lovers and those who like to enjoy the soothing scenes of water, vegetation, animal life and simply beautiful.


Here you will see Five best ski resorts!

Most of you already chose places to ski this winter.

In case you catch a cheap last minute deal, we recommend these Five best ski resorts.

Five best ski resorts just for you

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts KitzbuhelFirst, on the list of Five best ski resorts is Kitzbuhel.

Each year over 80,000 visitors hastened to this resort to witness one of the most difficult downhill course in the World Cup skiing.

When is the race over most visitors try to try at least a short section of the trail.

The venue is coming gondolas, cable car, each of which bears the name of skiers who won the race on this course.

If you are confident enough in their skiing and you can try out what it’s like to come down by Streif, the name of the downhill run, which is full of jumps and turns.

After you spend Streif go to an English pub for a pint Londoner Gosser.

On this resort, there is a tradition that dates back to the 80s of the last century that men who took part in the downhill World Cup race after the race were done serving beer guests of the pub.

If you want to stay in Kitzbuhel during the race you will need to book your accommodation at least six months before the race, otherwise, you cannot find a free room.

What Kitzbuhel is not, and never will be, and it’s inexpensive.

Here all costs, from a regular room to drink.

Everything has its price, which is not small in Austria Ski Resorts.

Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts Bad KleinkirchheimThis ski resort except for long distance races also offers a spa

The area is rich in thermal springs, but also many trails for skiing.

The total length of the trail is 103 kilometers; there are 26 ski lifts, 4 km toboggan run and 470 cannons of artificial snow.

The resort is situated on two mountains, the highest peak of the Kaiserburg which lead to two cable cars

Besides skiing and spa, this place is rich and cuisine.

If you want to get out of the hotel and have a good eat and have a fun choice you will not ease as much as 45 different restaurants

The restaurant’s offer is based on the type of calorie diet that will come in handy for gathering energy for later.

That was second on the list of Five best ski resorts.

Les Deux Alpes, France

Five Best Ski Resorts Les Deux AlpesOn this resort among a lot of in France Ski Resorts, you can try out your ski skills at about 220 km long distance, and if you prefer cross country skiing there are over a length of 21 kilometers.

This is third on the list of Five best ski resorts and this ski resort is not notorious as another France Ski Resorts, but its offer them standing side by side.

Besides skiing here you can have fun building igloos, and the cuisine and offer night entertainment are diverse

Here you will see from restaurants to quiet noisy and crowded clubs with various types of music

You made sure that for all tastes offer something.

Prices do not deviate much from the more famous, neighboring ski resorts, but can offer to outdo each.

Nassfeld, Austria

Five Best Ski Resorts NassfeldNassfeld – fourth on the list of Five best ski resorts is situated in the heart of the Austria Ski Resorts.

Due to the relatively low altitude all paths are covered with snow cannons.

On this resort, you will find 110 kilometers of slopes of which are 2.2 kilometers night.

This ski resort has been declared one of the best ski resorts in Austria with modern ski lifts and a wide variety of accommodation.

There are even two fun parks for snowboarders, regulated rink, curling arena.

The gastronomic offer is typically Austrian

Apres ski fun you can continue in two disco clubs located in the hotel Cube and Cuisine.

Val d’Isere / Tignes, France

Five Best Ski Resorts Val d'IsereThe fifth on the list of Five best ski resorts is Val D`lsere, one of the most beautiful from France Ski Resorts.

This ski resort has slopes, not to everyone’s taste.

There are brilliantly groomed trails for beginners and also the phenomenal trail for snowboarders.

In addition, there are the beautiful “wild” trail through deep snow.

Even 300 miles of trails offers you non-stop entertainment while some of them take you 90 lifts.

Val d’Isère is one of the most beautiful mountain town located in the river valley in the Alps.

The city is full of hotels and apartment accommodation, and the town center is full of beautiful historic buildings.

With a rich offer, the accommodation also has the rich gastronomic offer.

Here are their place found some of the best restaurants in the world, and nightlife lasts until the late morning hours.

If you are not a skier at this resort there are as many as 19 different ski schools.


Largest States
After the list of the Smallest States here’s the list of the Largest States in the world by area.

Largest States Russia1. Russia

Russia is the first country on the list of the Largest States in the world (occupies about 11.5% of terrestrial land) by population occupies only 8th place as the most sparsely populated state territory. It includes up to 9-time zones and the surface is about 17,098,242 km.



2. CanadaLargest States Canada

Canada is second on the list of the Largest States in the Americas and the second in the world with an area of 9,976,140 km2. About 90% of the population is living in the area 200 km from the border with the USA. If you would measure only the ground and kicked rivers, lakes and bays then to Canada fell to fourth place in the largest countries.


Largest States USA3. USA

USA is the third on the list of the Largest States in the world with a total area of 9,629,091 km2. The reason, why the USA occupies such a high place on this list, is Alaska, which is twice the size of Texas and occupies about 15% of the USA.


4. China Largest States ChinaWith an area of 9,598,086 km2 (this figure excludes all disputed territories), China ranks fourth on the list of the Largest States in the world and is also home to more people than anywhere in the world. Even 19% of the world’s population lives in China.

Largest states – you need time to explore them

Largest States Brazil5. Brazil

Brazil ranks fifth on the list of the Largest States in the world. This country known for its beautiful beaches and wild fun area is 8,514,877 km2. Brazil I the largest country in South America and it`s the only Portuguese-speaking countries in the Americas.



6. AustraliaLargest States Australia


Australia is the sixth Largest States in the world with an area of 7,741,220 km2. It has one of the worst climates in the world so there is plenty of land uninhabited.



Largest States India7. India

India is the seventh Largest States in the world by size with an area of 3,287,263 km2 (includes all disputed areas). It is much smaller than the first 6 countries but the second country in terms of population and accounts for about 17% of the world population.




8. ArgentinaLargest States Argentina


Argentina is a country in South America, situated between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Andes in the west with the area of 2.7804 million km2. Argentina is making the eighth on the list of the Largest States in the world.


Smallest States
Here is a list of the Smallest States in the world. This list does not include the territory. You
Smallest States Vatican City1. Vatican City
Vatican City with an area of 0.44 km2 with and a population of about 800 inhabitants of whom is a permanent citizen it is the first of the smallest states in the world. The Vatican is located within Rome in Italy and was built in 1929 Lateran Treaty as successor to the once powerful and great Papal States. The Vatican’s electoral monarchy is led by the Bishop of Rome – the Pope. Vatican City is the center of the Catholic Church and its leader Pope and has an independent administration, judiciary, and foreign policy. There’s smallest and oldest army in the world of the Swiss Guard.
2. MonacoSmallest States Monaco
Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world and the second largest on the list of the smallest states in the world. Its area is 1.95 km2 and has about 35 000 inhabitants (2006), but many of them are interested only in citizenship for tax exemptions. This small principality located in the part of the Côte d’Azur near Nice and independent since the 13th century. Since the constitution adopted in 1911, Monaco is a parliamentary monarchy with a prince as head of state.
Smallest States San Marino3. San Marino
San Marino is the third on the list of the smallest states in Europe. It has a surface of 61 km2 and is completely surrounded by the territory of Italy. It`s one of the oldest countries in the world and dates back 301 years when it was part of the Roman Empire. Before the Second World War was one of the poorest countries in Europe, today San Marino lives from tourism and is one of the richest countries in the world.


Smallest States is a new challenge for you

4. NauruSmallest States Nauru
The Republic of Nauru is an island country in the Pacific Ocean and is on the list of the smallest states outside Europe and the smallest republic in the world. Surface is 21 km2 and has about 9300 inhabitants (2010). It`s the only country in the world that does not have the capital.

Smallest States Tuvalu

5. Tuvalu

This island state the total area of 26 km2 is located in the Pacific Ocean south of Kiribati and north of Fiji. It consists of nine coral islands in the series, and the highest elevation is 5 m, so due to rising sea level, this country could disappear in 50 years. The highest revenues of the state are renting their internet domains.




6. LiechtensteinSmallest States Liechtenstein
The Principality of Liechtenstein is also one of the smallest states and landlocked country in Europe. It borders with Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. Due to its mountainous terrain is one of the favorite winter destinations for tourists. Despite its small surface area of 160 km2 Liechtenstein is not very urbanized (such as, for instance, the Principality of Monaco).



Smallest States Marshall Islands7. Marshall Islands
Republic of the Marshall Islands is an island country in the Pacific Ocean a total area of 181 km2, is composed of 29 atolls and 5 isolated islands. This is a fairly new country since independence gained only in 1986 when it split from the USA. Marshall Islands are one of the world’s best destinations for divers because of its beautiful underwater world and shipwrecks from the Second World War.




8. Saint Kitts and NevisSmallest States Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Kitts and Nevis is located in the Caribbean Sea and consists of two islands (St Kitts and Nevis). The islands are mainly of volcanic origin and the total area of the country is 261 km2. Independence from Great Britain acquired in 1983 as a parliamentary monarchy. Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 landed on the larger island and called it, according to the patron saint, St. Kitts. A smaller island is called Nevis.

You need to see and Largest States in the world.


Travel Application Smartphone
Travel Application Taking PictureEveryone loves to explore and travel. Always when we are preparing for traveling we make a list of a lot of things that we need on our trip. Yes, we need that and you can see what you need to take on Travel Practical Tips. From all things that we are taking with us there is one small magical tool that is essential in these days. It always with us, from home to the airport, from hotel to the restaurant, from beach to mountain, from hiking to swimming, Travel Application Smartphone Underwaterin the air or under the water and every place where you go it`s following us. Today we can say for sure that your mobile – smartphones are one of the most valuable tools for everything. Take a time to see what Travel Application – “mobile app “you can put on your smartphone. You can do that once and it will stay always on there to help you in any situation.

Travel Application useful for everyoneTravel Application Child

  1. Travel Application today is one normal helper to you on your smart phone. Travel Application can help you for organizing and planning your trip, tickets and booking hotels and helping to choose a destination. So you can install travel application for:

Tripit –

Booking –

TripAdvisor –

Expedia –

Kayak –

Skyscanner –

  1. Travel Application that is essential will help you easier to communicate with people in the country where you travel. Here is some of them:

Google translate –

iTranslator –

Naviti free Translation –

  1. You will need to install and Travel Application that you can see a map of places on your traveling:

Citymaps2go –

Gogobot –

  1. Travel Application for the shortest or the easiest route and time to your destination:

Navfree app –

Waze – https: //

Google Maps –

  1. It is very useful Travel Application about weather at places you plan to visit:

AccuWeather –

WeatherPro –

  1. One more Travel Application about advices for your luggage is:

TravelList –

  1. You will need Travel Application for converting currency:

XE Currency –

Oanda –

  1. One of the best applications to find your favorite stores or good restaurant is:

Yelp – Yelp

  1. Sometimes is good to look news on your smartphone so install :

NEWS 360 –

  1. Today in this world of communications every place has free access to the internet in a lot of public places. Travel Application that will help about that is:

WiFi Manger –

Hope that now with this useful links you are ready to travel where do you like at any time. Don`t forget to check again Travel Practical Tips before you travel.


Arrange Cheap Traveling 6
Arrange Cheap Traveling 6 Empty Pockets No MoneyArrange Cheap Traveling-6 is the last part of how to travel made by Putoholicari and Travel All Together. All six parts: Arrange Cheap Traveling-1, Arrange Cheap Traveling-2, Arrange Cheap Traveling-3, Arrange Cheap Traveling-4, Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 and Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 if you read them, you will get the most important information`s and suggestions for you how to make your traveling easier. If you want cheap travel you must be flexible and willing to sacrifice.

First, you waive your desired destinations and travel to places where it is cheaper. We’d all like to see Hawaii and the Maldives and the North Pole … but ifArrange Cheap Traveling 6 First Class Traveling you are short with money Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 suggestion is to go on places where it’s cheaper.

Further you will waive from luxury. You do not have to travel in first class and sleep in luxurious accommodations. You do not have to wave palms and wear your cocktails. You will not eat at fancy restaurants and take taxi when you have your good legs. Luxury costs, therefore, who can afford let you go.

Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 conclusion for you

Arrange Cheap Traveling 6 Buying Souvenirs 2In Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 we will still have to mention Arrange Cheap Traveling 6 Family Watching Photos 1souvenirs. Do not spend all money from your wallet and fill the bag with souvenirs. Do you need to buy a souvenir for every neighbor? And does it have to be expensive souvenir? People spend a lot of money buying all sorts of things while traveling. And when you get home souvenirs gather dust on the shelf or it`s going quickly into a shelves and you forget about them. We speak from experience because we have two or three such shelves full of dust, but we’ve learned a lesson. One of the ways of Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 is to buy magnets for the refrigerator to remind us of our trip. Perhaps if we run into some ultra cool souvenir that has a function and it will not stand without reason on the shelf, you can buy it. After all, the best and cheapest souvenirs are your stories and photos.

Here is one video on this Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 page for you and 10 real good lessons learned from traveling the world.

Arrange Cheap Traveling 6 Have a Good TimeAnd the most important thing on these trips is the renunciation of the old thinking, the rejection of prejudice, the adoption of new knowledge. One more suggestion from Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 is that you must be willing to accept the land and people as they are.

On the end of Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 we will remind you of the old articles that you can use: How to pack a suitcase with Travel Practical Tips. And now that you’ve come to the end of this article go into planning your trip, and when you come back let us review! Have a good time!

One short practical video for you is one way of how to pack your things for your traveling.


Arrange Cheap Traveling 5
Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 is one more page from Travel All Together and Putoholicari. In the last four we spoke about: 1-Suggestions, 2-Transport, 3-Accommodation and 4-Decision. Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 will be about nutrition’s and payment. Of course don`t forget to read the last part of Arrange Cheap Traveling-6. First you need to read Travel Practical Tips before anything you do.


Arrange Cheap Traveling 5 Street Food 2If you want to travel cheaply definitely Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 Arrange Cheap Traveling 5 Supermarketsuggestion is that you do not eat in restaurants. Of course, in many countries, some restaurants have ridiculously low prices and you will go there. If you see the funny people gathering there avoid that place because it will hit you by the pocket. In most countries there is a so-called Street Food, a variety of means, mostly local food that is sold on the street and it is generally cheap, there you can feed yourself. Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 know that where locals are gathering, there is a good and cheap food. But if you are picky with food, and you want to go cheaper than in a restaurant, there are always fast food, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, you will encounter them wherever you turn. For our team we write one suggestion in Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 for you – inexpensive options are also Supermarkets.

One of the ways to eat when you travel is on this video.

Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 with more suggestions for you


And now you have a plan, but you are wondering how to pay for all this. If you combined all well Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 know that weekend in a European city, you’ll pay less than a weekend in Opatija. Three weeks in some Asian countries, you will pay the same as a week in a hotel on the Adriatic. Everything can only be all well calculated.

Arrange Cheap Traveling 5 Buying Plane TicketsOur trips are always in installments. Wondering how? Read these suggestions and follow Arrange Cheap Travelin-5. First, buy a plane ticket, a few months ahead asArrange-Cheap-Traveling-5-Jar-Money we mentioned, and it’s our first installment. Subsequently, after a month or two we begin to look for accommodation. It’s our second installment. Sometimes accommodation we are managing on the spot, but then this month you separate the money for it. A month before the trip over the net you are buying everything like visa, various tickets, train tickets … and here’s the third installment. When it comes time to time arrives and the fourth installment, which is the allowance. Of course, the savings also comes in handy. We have a box into which we put coins or jar where you put other money and just take everything before you go on trip and put in your pockets.

Here is one more suggestion from Arrange Cheap Traveling-5. Try to share the costs. If you see some foreigners like you who are looking for a taxi, why not ask them if they are willing to share the cost. Or tickets – group tickets are always cheaper, find a goal at the entrance and share the cost.

Just watch this video and you will be grateful on the end.


ArrangeCheap Traveling 4
Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 is page that continues with tips and suggestions for your traveling. This page made together Putoholicari and Travel All Together. Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 continues pages Arrange Cheap Traveling-1, Arrange Cheap Traveling-2 and Arrange Cheap Traveling-3. To complete everything about Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 you need to read and Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 and Arrange Cheap Traveling-6. First you need to read Travel Practical Tips before anything you do.

What to see?

Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 1Okay, you like to Travel and you’ve arrived at the destination;Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 2

you have an accommodation and now what? You have two options:

to be prepared from home or you go wherever you get



Some explanation how and where to ask you can see on this video.

Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 6If you are preparing at home you know where you are traveling. Suggestion from Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 is to make a plan then it’s really no problem.Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 7

If you have prepared detailed plan go after him and don`t worry. On the other hand, if you just went on the road and you have no idea what awaits you,

then just start exploring. Take the first street and feet will take you everywhere, ask the locals which are worth a visit, where you can find fine eating, etc.
Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 found this video for you to see one new way of traveling where you are free to decide.

Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 suggestions made for you

Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 5What Travel All Together is doing is following. At home, before traveling get know better the country you are visiting. We read travelogues, guidebooks; we hear stories of other travelers. Then based on that, ArrangeArrange-Cheap-Traveling-4-4 Cheap Traveling-4 suggestion is to create a plan to see what you would like to eat, how you will travel, etc. Of course, the journey never ends up with what you put on paper, but that’s the charm of this mode of travel. We have some of the basics of where we would like to go and do on-site conversions; ask locals whether it is worth etc, plans change.
Arrange Cheap Traveling 4 3 If you visit some highly visited attractions do not read guides. They will take you there where the most of the people will be. Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 guide is to ask local people, maybe they will show to you some back entrance or something that is not written in the guide.

For some attractions like museums is worth buying a ticket over the internet. Usually is cheaper and you do not have to wait in line. Arrange Cheap Traveling-4 knows that some European cities have free tours for sightseeing guided by students, and at the end if you want you can leave a tip.

If you have student identity card take it with you. It doesn`t matter that you are no longer a student it can be useful for some discounts.

What you definitely need to prepare are the habits and lifestyle of the country you are visiting. Ask yourself what is appropriate and what is not. Do not be just a tourist. Get informed on time.
Arrange Cheap Travelimg-4 decide to show to you one funny wao to decide where to goHere is also one other way how to decide where to go.


Arrange Cheap Traveling 3
In this page Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 Putoholicari and Travel All Together will show to you some ways of accommodations that you can do on your trip. First you need to read Travel Practical Tips before anything you do. It`s also recommended to see Arrange Cheap Traveling-1Arrange Cheap Traveling-2Arrange Cheap Traveling-4Arrange Cheap Traveling-5 and Arrange Cheap Traveling-6 to have complete knowledge about how to arrange your traveling on cheap way.
Arrange Cheap Traveling 3 Hotel 5Ok, we arrived at the destination, and where we will sleep? It all depends on your preferences and the money so Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 will start from the most expensive, of course.
Hotels – called the hotels Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 will take into account all kinds of villas, yachts, islands, caves, everything is rented and paid. So the options are many and the prices are varied. When we talk about the hotels really all depends on your budget. From those luxury accommodations, with a bunch of food at excellent locations which are of course enormously expensive and those we immediately jump, to those normal hotels with normal prices. So, with a little effort and a lot of search on the net Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 suggest you to find hotels at affordable prices. When you are choosing a hotel keep in mind not only the price but also the position of the hotel. Do not rush and take the hotel which is the cheapest because it is the cheapest, but nowhere because you will then spend money on public transport. Please note that you will only sleep or you will walk through the city. Maybe your hotel that is closer to the attractions you wish to visit is a few dollars more expensive, but is better option. Again Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 suggestion is to put on paper calculations, how will you get a hotel outside the city plus public transportation or a more expensive hotel in the city and walking? If you want to get a good deal, do not expect full board if you get breakfast with the room, be happy, and anyway is better to eat on the street.

Here is some presentation of Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 hotels that you will maybe visit.

Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 accommodations for you

Arrange Cheap Traveling 3 Hostel 6Hostels – Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 opinion hostels are cheap versions of the hotels. The difference is you have to share a room with you strangers. On the one hand it is a great thing, you’ll meet new people, have fun, because the hostel is always something going on. On the other hand, Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 suggestion is to compare prices, because sometimes, a little better hostel knows to put prices more than the hotel. If you decide for a hostel you must be prepared for a bunch of people, less privacy, just be open to all. And just to dispel a myth, hostels are not some twisted places, as well as hotels, there are those who are better and worse ones, it all depends how much you are willing to pay. You don`t need to sleep with a bunch of strangers, there are and private rooms, but for them you will have to reach a bit deeper into your pocket.

Hope you will find hostels to sleep like Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 find for you on these videos.

Arrange Cheap Traveling 3 Private Accommodation 5Private accommodations – apartments, houses, rooms, caves, dens … everything is offered and all fees are paid. Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 opinion is to look at this option because sometimes it may be cheaper. There are specialized sites that offer private accommodation or you can find owner and contact him directly. If you go through specialized pages it will take and usually ends in communication with an owner who will give you instructions about handing the keys and everything you need.



Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 finds videos for private accommodations also on internet so you can choose.

Arrange Cheap Traveling 3 Tent Camping 1The tent – sleeping outdoors is a great option if you are not in some too cold countries. And of course you will be a free option if you do not set up a tent in the camp.
Arrange-Cheap-Traveling-3-Couchsurfing-2Couchsurfing – about couchsurfing has already been discussed and remind yourself what it is. If you choose to use couchsurfing, with him not only get free accommodation, but also the possibility of a deeper insight into the place you visit, and quite possibly new friends. However, to use couchsurfing has to be really open person, willing to accept people as they are, above all, you must first get rid of all prejudices.
Free style – sometimes you have to sleep on a bench. If you really want to travel cheaply, sometimes you do not worth paying one or half the night, and you will spend the night or at the airport or the railway station. And do not worry, a lot of people are doing it.

Here is some tips about tents and something about couchsurfing that Arrange Cheap Traveling-3 like to show to you.