Ha Long Bay 1
Ha Long Bay 2It`s a new day and time for the next new wonder – Ha Long bay. Imagine a water area size of 1,500 square kilometers, which is even with 1969 island 120 kilometers long coastal belt.
Ha Long Bay is on the list of New 7 Wonders and is one of the most popular attractions and travel destinations in Vietnam. It`s a natural beautiful place protected under UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very impressive, but when added to the uniqueness of this Ha Long Bay in numerous cliffs and limestone peaks rising from the water, the story becomes even more fairy. In fact, this is millions of years old, Vietnamese bay Ha Long Bay 3consists of a limestone peaks and high-density islands whose cliffs shaped his view drifts so each island with its appearance brings special story. In addition, the whole coastline wears a beautiful, peculiar to look for signs of erosion that created some fascinating cut into the cliff. Even a hundred years ago the great thinker Nguyen Trai described Ha Long bay as a miracle of stone in heaven. And today we can confirm his view of the Ha Long Bay because it is still intact, the human hand is not interfering in its creation and remains an exceptional natural beauty.

Ha Long Bay is an incredible natural creation

Ha Long Bay 4On the larger islands are located and lakes, and often there are caves. Some of them are below the sea surface, some are shown as Peaks openings on the surface, and some even as maritime cuts resulting wave action. It is worth to mention tropical evergreen biosystem, the large flora and fauna diversity Ha Long Bay Cave Diningthat resides here, and numerous endemic species.
These creations that nature has afforded really are beautiful and they offer incredible views of the islands, each of which has a different shape and show a true wonder of nature, which is made of stone islands managed to create a work of art. In the end, it is about the beauty of the Ha Long Bay enough to say that our vocabulary is not rich enough to describe this natural wonder.


Largest States
After the list of the Smallest States here’s the list of the Largest States in the world by area.

Largest States Russia1. Russia

Russia is the first country on the list of the Largest States in the world (occupies about 11.5% of terrestrial land) by population occupies only 8th place as the most sparsely populated state territory. It includes up to 9-time zones and the surface is about 17,098,242 km.



2. CanadaLargest States Canada

Canada is second on the list of the Largest States in the Americas and the second in the world with an area of 9,976,140 km2. About 90% of the population is living in the area 200 km from the border with the USA. If you would measure only the ground and kicked rivers, lakes and bays then to Canada fell to fourth place in the largest countries.


Largest States USA3. USA

USA is the third on the list of the Largest States in the world with a total area of 9,629,091 km2. The reason, why the USA occupies such a high place on this list, is Alaska, which is twice the size of Texas and occupies about 15% of the USA.


4. China Largest States ChinaWith an area of 9,598,086 km2 (this figure excludes all disputed territories), China ranks fourth on the list of the Largest States in the world and is also home to more people than anywhere in the world. Even 19% of the world’s population lives in China.

Largest states – you need time to explore them

Largest States Brazil5. Brazil

Brazil ranks fifth on the list of the Largest States in the world. This country known for its beautiful beaches and wild fun area is 8,514,877 km2. Brazil I the largest country in South America and it`s the only Portuguese-speaking countries in the Americas.



6. AustraliaLargest States Australia


Australia is the sixth Largest States in the world with an area of 7,741,220 km2. It has one of the worst climates in the world so there is plenty of land uninhabited.



Largest States India7. India

India is the seventh Largest States in the world by size with an area of 3,287,263 km2 (includes all disputed areas). It is much smaller than the first 6 countries but the second country in terms of population and accounts for about 17% of the world population.




8. ArgentinaLargest States Argentina


Argentina is a country in South America, situated between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Andes in the west with the area of 2.7804 million km2. Argentina is making the eighth on the list of the Largest States in the world.


Smallest States
Here is a list of the Smallest States in the world. This list does not include the territory. You
Smallest States Vatican City1. Vatican City
Vatican City with an area of 0.44 km2 with and a population of about 800 inhabitants of whom is a permanent citizen it is the first of the smallest states in the world. The Vatican is located within Rome in Italy and was built in 1929 Lateran Treaty as successor to the once powerful and great Papal States. The Vatican’s electoral monarchy is led by the Bishop of Rome – the Pope. Vatican City is the center of the Catholic Church and its leader Pope and has an independent administration, judiciary, and foreign policy. There’s smallest and oldest army in the world of the Swiss Guard.
2. MonacoSmallest States Monaco
Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world and the second largest on the list of the smallest states in the world. Its area is 1.95 km2 and has about 35 000 inhabitants (2006), but many of them are interested only in citizenship for tax exemptions. This small principality located in the part of the Côte d’Azur near Nice and independent since the 13th century. Since the constitution adopted in 1911, Monaco is a parliamentary monarchy with a prince as head of state.
Smallest States San Marino3. San Marino
San Marino is the third on the list of the smallest states in Europe. It has a surface of 61 km2 and is completely surrounded by the territory of Italy. It`s one of the oldest countries in the world and dates back 301 years when it was part of the Roman Empire. Before the Second World War was one of the poorest countries in Europe, today San Marino lives from tourism and is one of the richest countries in the world.


Smallest States is a new challenge for you

4. NauruSmallest States Nauru
The Republic of Nauru is an island country in the Pacific Ocean and is on the list of the smallest states outside Europe and the smallest republic in the world. Surface is 21 km2 and has about 9300 inhabitants (2010). It`s the only country in the world that does not have the capital.

Smallest States Tuvalu

5. Tuvalu

This island state the total area of 26 km2 is located in the Pacific Ocean south of Kiribati and north of Fiji. It consists of nine coral islands in the series, and the highest elevation is 5 m, so due to rising sea level, this country could disappear in 50 years. The highest revenues of the state are renting their internet domains.




6. LiechtensteinSmallest States Liechtenstein
The Principality of Liechtenstein is also one of the smallest states and landlocked country in Europe. It borders with Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east. Due to its mountainous terrain is one of the favorite winter destinations for tourists. Despite its small surface area of 160 km2 Liechtenstein is not very urbanized (such as, for instance, the Principality of Monaco).



Smallest States Marshall Islands7. Marshall Islands
Republic of the Marshall Islands is an island country in the Pacific Ocean a total area of 181 km2, is composed of 29 atolls and 5 isolated islands. This is a fairly new country since independence gained only in 1986 when it split from the USA. Marshall Islands are one of the world’s best destinations for divers because of its beautiful underwater world and shipwrecks from the Second World War.




8. Saint Kitts and NevisSmallest States Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Kitts and Nevis is located in the Caribbean Sea and consists of two islands (St Kitts and Nevis). The islands are mainly of volcanic origin and the total area of the country is 261 km2. Independence from Great Britain acquired in 1983 as a parliamentary monarchy. Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 landed on the larger island and called it, according to the patron saint, St. Kitts. A smaller island is called Nevis.

You need to see and Largest States in the world.


Marieta Islands
Marieta Islands 1Marieta Islands archipelago is located near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Hidden magical place of Marieta Islands is one incredible unique beach. It is believed that the island was created centuries ago due to volcanic activity in the area. By this sand magical place you have to go through the long tunnel about 25 meters, which is connected to the Pacific. Marieta Islands 2Visitors can swim up to this hidden tropical paradise, and considering the fact that a large gap between rock and water, there is no need to wear scuba gear, or even to hold your breath. If it`s not noise of waves hitting the soft sand beaches, people probably would not have noticed this hidden wonder of nature. Magical lovely beach on Marieta Islands is for sure one of the most exotic destinations on our planet that you want to visit.

Marieta Islands is a unique lifetime experience

Marieta Islands 3At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Mexican government used the then deserted island to implement the military testing. After years of research and efforts to protect the island, the biggest protector of nature Jacques Cousteau and scientists, they persuade the government of Mexico to put island as a national park and a ban on hunting, fishing and any harmful activity. To this day, the islands are uninhabited and only some carrier’s boats bringing tourists to get up close admire the natural beauty of this area. Although large explosion and the bombing of years harmed the fauna and flora of this romantic tropical paradise, some say that it is precisely this military testing “responsible” and create this beach love that is known as the one of the hidden beaches of Mexico. Beach of Love is so incredible that, when the first pictures emerged on the Internet, many could not believe that such a place exists on the planet. Shortly this magical place has become a real treat for lovers of exotic destinations and adventurers and now nobody doubts about existence of this natural wonder. Marieta Islands are remained uninhabited so tourists can admire the natural beauty of this part of Mexico.


Netherlands Tulip Fields 1The Netherlands is a country of tulips, clogs, beer, cheese, windmills, diamonds, castles, country of tolerance and perfection … This is the most densely populated part of the continent, this is a part of Europe that simply must be seen and experienced. The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe and with Belgium and Luxembourg make the Benelux. The Netherlands does not have a unified capital. The seat of government and the King is located in The Hague, as most embassies, but under the constitution ruler to be sworn in Amsterdam. More about royal history, you can see on All About Royal Families. Netherlands has 42,000 km2 with a population of 17 million. Country Netherlands consists of 12 provinces while originally the only two provinces. About half of the territory of the Netherlands is below one meter above sea level, and about a quarter is below sea level. These areas are flood dam channel system with a total length of more than 3,000 km. The city is known for its famous museums Van Gogh Museum, The Museum of Tulips, Rembrandt House Museum, and others … The best impression of this beautiful and authentic city can experience the ship, cruising through the Amsterdam canals.

Netherlands will be your unforgettable holiday

A holiday in Netherlands will be like a trip where you will discover a lot of secrets and beauties of this country. Netherlands has given us Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Piet Mondrian, Hieronymus Bosch and Frans Hals. It is a country with classic windmills, handmade clogs, and beautiful tulips in every possible colour. The best ways to feel a culture and people are to join them in towns, sit in one of the numerous cafes on sunny days. Another way to explore the beauties of Netherlands is to take bike routes and enjoy in natural beauty of a countryside.

These are some of places that you need to see and visit on your next holiday in Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rijksmuseum, Giethoorn, Netherlands Ski Resorts, Anne Frank House, Keukenhof Gardens, Madurodam, Rembrandt House Museum, Heineken Experience, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Hermitage Amsterdam, Cube House, Paradiso, Vondelpark, Rotterdam Centraal Station, Erasmus Bridge and of course Tulip Fields like desert.


Sala Silver Mine
In most of the better hotels best rooms are located on the top floor so the guests can enjoy the view, and at Sala Silver Mine guests go in Sweden – 155 meters underground…

Sala Silver Mine 1In the Vastmanland County in Sweden is one of the strangest hotels in the world – Hotel Sala Silver Mine. The hotel’s rooms are located below the earth’s surface and some of them can be reached only by elevator located in the former silver mining. The rooms in Sala Silver Mine that are 155 meters deep in the ground lift can be reached in a few seconds. Sala Silver Mine 2But this pleasure should be set aside and a lot of money. The night in this hotel is about 400 €, and for that price, guests enjoy luxurious beds, silverware and champagne. Rooms are decorated with a minimalist, there a total of 14 and in them there is no mobile phone signals, the outside world can only communicate via intercom.

Sala Silver Mine hotel for an unusual experience

Sala Silver Mine 3The temperature in the window falls down to two degrees Celsius, but the rooms are located in a little warmer air pocket where the temperature is around 18 degrees more pleasant. Sala Silver Mine hotel is very popular so during the year mainly filled weekends.

Nowhere in the world you can not find a similar hotel, especially this far into the country. People might think its cold in the mine, but Sala Silver Mine hotel is located in warmer corridors where the temperature is about 18 degrees. You will have large chandeliers and lamps illuminate the room and the walls because they have a silvery reflection. Sala Silver Mine hotel is one of the most unusual in the world and the environment unlike other not artificial but real. It is a hotel that you need to visit once in your life.


Pamukkale 1
Pamukkale-2Pamukkale is a remarkable place in Turkey and breathtaking, at first sight. How to describe this gorgeous wonder of nature, water paradise unlike that magical place that takes your breath on it and you’ll have a long talk. They are thermal baths with plenty of natural water springs. Water, which has for centuries been running over the edge of the plateau, on its way deposited salt from which they are formed stalactites, craters and basins. Pamukkale, that is taken from Turkish “mansion of silk”, and are consists of a series of white, shallow terraced swimming pools that are one above the other in the form of stalactites descend from a height, filled with mineral water sky blue color. Pamukkale visited by tourists from all over the world because it is a real tourist miracle, the pearl of Turkey. Pamukkale in Turkey are due to frequent earthquakes in the area formed a wonder of nature and located in the southwest of the country, near the town Denizli, in the valley of the River Menderes. They consist of 17 sources of water come to the surface of heat between 35 and 100 degrees Celsius. Terraces, which look like small pools are lowering one below the other in the length of 7 meters. The pools, where people swim for thousands of years, are forbidden to enter with shoes, in order to minimize surface dirty or possibly damaged. Today, for the needs of the rapidly growing tourism specially designed artificial pools with thermal water. On top of this white castle was the ancient city of Hierapolis period, it still find numerous remains of Roman buildings, monuments, and remnants of spas. Pamukkale in Turkey in 1988 came under the protection of UNESCO-a.

Pamukkale is remarkable and breathtaking place

It has been scientifically proven that Pamukkale water has medicinal properties that can help with Pamukkale 3various diseases. However, local people tell a legend, which, they believe that it can also make beautiful. Once upon a time here had lived a young girl who was so ugly that no one wanted to marry her. Therefore, the girl decided to end his life, making itself the tip. Then she embraced travertine and fell directly created by the natural swimming pool, but remained alive. Water turned the girl into a real beauty, and catching his own Denizli prince who madly in love with him. Already very soon they will also happily married. Therefore, a visit to Pamukkale in Turkey, it would certainly sin not try it for themselves, to see if the legend is true.



Jordan Petra
Jordan-Mount-NeboWhen traveling to Jordan, it is necessary to make a list of what do you like to see. The reason is the abundance of content that Jordan offers and time is never on your side. There are times when we want time to stand still and wait a bit to absorb all the good around us and it is precisely such moment’s makes this Middle Eastern country.

Each of us surely was viewing pictures of the New Seven Wonders of the World mostly because these “miracles” sometimes have incomprehensible beauty. One such place is the fascinating city of Petra, the new wonder of the world. Petra translated means “rock” that will be understandable when you know that the whole city is actually carved into the rock. Those magical places can be reached only by a narrow mountain trail or rocky gorge, which reaches a height of 200 meters. However, such a “bumpy” road is worth the effort because what awaits you is according to some the most beautiful place in the world. Although once upon a time was an important trading city, in the seventh century, the last residents left the city so we can say that is the “lost“. Later, people believed that it exists, but did not know exactly where it is, until the Swiss researcher did not reveal this city carved into the rock and he immediately put on the list the biggest benefits of mankind. Fascination with the possibility of building the city in the rock leads the visitor. One of the most important buildings is the Treasury Khazne al-Firaun. The beautiful architectural buildings were built, more precisely, carved in the first century BC, while some still stay in the second century during the reign of Hadrian. You can recognize the great influence of Roman culture and the city of Roman amphitheater which contains a whopping 5,000 places. In addition, the city has many tombs and monasteries that rise with their beauty and function as a work of art sculptor, not a functional building.

Jordan is wondrous country

Jordan Wadi RumAlthough we can write a lot about Petra, Jordan offers another, no less fascinating place – the desert of Wadi Rum. Most are at the thought of the desert remember the heat, lack of water and tedious expanses of sand. This desert is anything but that. The amazing range of colors is changing depending on the position of the sun, an experience that can never be forgotten. In addition, in the desert, you can experience one of the most beautiful sunset and dawn. After this experience, probably never again you will not look on the same way the nature around you.

It would probably be a great pleasure to tell the story to your friends how you have stayed at the lowest point in the world. Of course, it is the Dead Sea located 394 meters below sea level. Moreover, the salt concentration is such that it is impossible to sink. Although the taste of water is not exactly the most perfect, swimming in it certainly is, and healing mud may help drain all the bad energy from your body. But at least the same impression you can get a view from Mount Nebo. Top of that mountain was the place where Moses saw the Promised Land and therefore, that part of the Jordan, the most sacred place in the country. The mountain is possible to enjoy the view of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and the Jordan River.

In the end, there should be a few lines about the Jordanian capital city of Amman. We can say that he is the opposite of all previously described. This city is described as a modern center that is not inferior to the leading western centers. Still, we are in the Middle East so that Amman consists of two parts that are totally different. The eastern part of the Islamic, we can say and conservative. Here you can study the life of traditional Jordanian population and to understand how it differs from our everyday lives. The western part of the modern, full of cafes, galleries and gives another picture residents Jordanian capital. But you can `t fully feel and enter life Jordanians if you have not visited both parts of the city and experience all of its charms.


Harbin Ice City
Harbin Ice City is in the northeastern part of China. Harbin Ice City is a place where every year you can see international festival of ice and snow sculptures. The festival lasts for one month. Temperatures in this town are approximately minus 17 degrees, so the sculpture stay longer than a month. The sculptures are made of pressed snow or ice blocks. Frozen water is also used for frozen blocks of transparent ice. During the night, many of the sculptures are illuminated and it adds extra beauty of a sculpture. The festival began in 1963 but was still maintained during the Cultural Revolution in China. He began to regularly hold since 1985.

Harbin Ice City is a unique festival every year

Harbin Ice City 2Harbin Ice City in China is built each year at beginning of January. It will host hundred thousands of visitors to this festival of snow and ice. This year artists made from big blocks of ice and tons of snow made impressive replicas of the most famous buildings and attractions from all over the world. The visual experience of Harbin Ice City is magic and breathtaking. The best time to see all these beautiful creations is at night when buildings are illuminated with traditional Chinese lanterns and powerful lasers. There are numerous ice replicas of world famous palaces, places of worship, fountains and sculptures. Through them are refracted laser beams of different colors, so it seems that you are in another, magical, world. Many workers almost two weeks made a fantastic ice city with high buildings such as skyscrapers and a variety of giant human figures, animals and creatures from fairy tales. This is a paradise for children. They are most attracted to ice slides, mazes, bobsled track, skating rink and Christmas Corner. On numerous skating rinks can be rented skates or in one of the ice restaurants ordered a traditional Chinese or Russian dish.
Harbin Ice City 1


Machu Picchu 1
Machu Picchu Main TempleMachu Picchu is located in Cusco Region in Peru. Train is the only transport to the famous site. The ride to the last stop in the small town of Aquas Caliente (hot springs) takes about 3.5 hours. There are several types of train, from a humble student to lavish and expensive. The entire length of the route line running parallel with the river Urubamba and her curves. Upon arrival in Aquas Caliente passengers boarding in mini buses that climb sharp hairpin bends over a length of 8 km, to the Machu Picchu site. And then you get a sight that can`t conjure up any images of the world. This is an absolute beauty and indescribable peace. The sun casts mysterious shadows on the surrounding peaks. Machu Picchu Temple of SunDeep in the abyss spotless the turbulent Urubamba of which in some places is not shared even fences. Most mysterious site in the middle of lush vegetation and humid subtropical climate, the high, inaccessible summit, the lost city of Machu Picchu is the best preserved archaeological site from the time of the Incas, and the most important symbol of the Peruvian civilization. The whole site is a blend of harmony and balance between old Inca architecture and natural beauty of the whole region. According to generally accepted chronology, built in 1438, as a royal retreat for the Inca rulers Pachacutec, at an altitude of 2,450 m, hidden among the mountain ridges high above the serpentine bends of the river Urubamba.

Machu Picchu is a place of peace and power

Since it is Hiram Bingham discovered in July 1911, Machu Picchu constantly attracts researchers, archaeologists, esoteric and contemporary pilgrims from all over. The fact is that many cases of excavations taken in the United States and perhaps the world will never see what has been found in the Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is in excellent condition thanks to the fact that it conquistadors never found, although almost certainly be said that the city was abandoned shortly after their arrival. Machu Picchu is located in the subtropical zone with a mild humid climate, which causes two clearly divided seasons, rainy – from November to March and arid – from April to October.

Machu Picchu Temple of the Three WindowThe resort is located on the narrow ridge, and it is clear that a wall is divided into two parts, agricultural terraces linked numerous steps and paths, and a residential area that is further divided into two architectural units, which leads to the impression that there were different districts. The city is clearly divided into upper and lower portions that separate open spaces or squares. Upper continent consisted of temples, fountains, squares and beautiful buildings while in the lower part of town modest home.

Most of the buildings that had a specific function such as  Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Three Windows and Main Temple, located in the upper part of the city. The city is a complex system of water supply that is supplied from natural sources, squares, streets and buildings different in quality of construction. It is believed that Machu Picchu had about 1,000 inhabitants. In addition to 200 residential houses, the site has a fair number of unique buildings that are considered to have had a ritual function. Judging by the numerous agricultural terraces, this branch was of the utmost importance for the city. Arable land on the terraced grounds exceeded the needs of the population. There was also a channel with a length of 800m to curb the excessive rainfall. After passing through farmland, grassy area, one comes to the Sanctuary, as this market called Bingham, because it consists of the main temple – the most beautiful examples of Machu Picchu architecture, Temple of the Sun – astronomical observatory and the temple with three windows, where an entire wall made from a single piece of stone which are carved three trapezoidal windows. You’ll have a great view of the green plateau and down the stairs that lead to the central square. The sanctuary was built of stone blocks smoothed and blended to perfection. The Incas did not use the mortar already relied on precisely carved blocks, geometry and a good foundation. Their quality buildings for centuries remained almost untouched despite numerous earthquakes. After a short break we will climb on another eighty steps towards the hill to the famous monolith – Inti Watana. Machu Picchu Inti Watana“Inti Watana” (in translation – “a place that catches the sun”), a rectangular stone column with a pedestal and one stair, located on a small hill in the city, is one of the most important places to Machu Picchu. It is still the enigma of whether it is used as an astronomical station or something else. Spanish priests were all similar pillars by the Inca Empire destroyed because they considered objects of worship. The Incas were skilled astronomers and this monolith is used to determine the summer and winter solstice. At the winter solstice, which falls on 21 June (because the seasons in the southern hemisphere is reversed compared to Europe), the high priest tied to a gold disc for Inti Watana which is symbolically represented capture the sun and its introduction to the country for another time cycle. In this way, the Inca priests using these sundials track the changes of the seasons and were able to accurately determine the most suitable date for sowing. Many now believe that it was Inti Watana one of the strongest fields of energy on the planet and has the inherent spiritual and metaphysical power. Indeed, it is simply impossible to find at Machu Picchu, from which a view of the tortuous course of the river Urubamba and the surrounding peaks, among which dominates hajan Picchu, and not feel some magic in the air.