Table Mountain 2

Table Mountain 2
Table MountainLast on the list of the New 7 Wonders of Nature’s Table Mountain is located in South Africa, near Cape Town. It is precisely because of its massiveness found as the last in our review of the new natural wonders because as such it remains deep in my memory.

Table Mountain is interesting because of the mountains all the peaks. In fact, they are not classic peaks but they make nearly flat surface so long. Flat surface on Table Mountain is about three kilometers and therefore it is possible from the very top to enjoy the unforgettable view of Cape Town and the ocean. On the top of Table Mountain is reached by cable car, and not just any ski lift. The cabins that accommodate visitors circling during the entire ride and is thus enabled the full experience of the landscape. In addition to this “lighter” way up the mountain, they are looking for adventure and climb alone.

The mountain plateau is often covered with Orographic clouds that are formed when a southeast wind directed to the cooler air on the mountain slopes, so there is moisture condenses in a “tablecloth of clouds.” With this natural phenomenon is a legend in which residents say that means competition in smoking between the devil and the local pirates – when you are on the mountain clouds, the competition is in progress.

Table Mountain is a natural wonder

Table Mountain National ParkAs previously described in any miracle and here reside a large number of plants and animals. On the mountain so there are about 2,200 species of plants, impressive because the figure is higher than the total number of plants that grows throughout the UK. From animals, there are mongooses, porcupines, turtles and many others. This mountain miracle indeed can be understood as such because here except you can accumulate positive energy when you look at the ocean and the city in front of you, and you dwell among the clouds during the “competition in smoke” from ancient legends. That is truly impressive.

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